3 January 2018

With results so close in the Open Fleets, any of the top ten are contenders for the top three. The continuation of lighter conditions has proved to add variation in race leaders, as those less accustomed to the prior chop can sail in comfort.

Many competitors who are visiting the West Australian shore have now mastered the waves, yet strong gust and light pressure has make it hard to get their settings right. Intuitive 420 sailors found it best to get on top of the wind coming from the right, then get past other boats in the downwind. We are yet to see what the conditions hold for us on the last day, with the prediction of 16kts SSW.

Mornings around the Club have been bustling with an energetic atmosphere. Competitors, coaches, event volunteers, parents, and spectators line up for their morning coffee – the heart starter –  from both the Fremantle Sailing Club Bar and the coffee station near the Dinghy Clubhouse. Throughout the event competitor support has been strong, and volunteers have given it there all. Many teams have noted how grateful for Race Management, who never failed to organise the course and have competitor out on time.

Throughout their 2017/18 420 Worlds journey, the competitors have developed a commendable camaraderie. Celebrating race results, Christmas, and the New Year with old and new 420 friends.