1 January 2016

The waters off Fremantle enjoy a variety of ideal sailing conditions, 5-15 knots easterly in the morning and then the 10-20 knots south westerly sea breeze, the famours "Fremantle Doctor" kicks in for the afternoon.

During the month of December the average daily temperatures range between 28-35 degrees Celsius. Particularly during the summer months, the area benefits from consistent, stable and predictable wind patterns.

Generally the mornings experience easterly land breezes varying between 5 to 15 knots, a breeze that is most often replaced by the famous ‘Fremantle Doctor’, a cooling south westerly sea breeze that ranges in strength between 10 and 20 knots.

These perfect wind conditions are complemented by stable water conditions, created by a line of islands and reefs located off Fremantle. These sheltered waters between the coast and the islands produce an area exceptional for dinghy sailing. The ocean conditions present a low wave ‘chop’ on a mild swell.

There are several weather sources you can reference:

Perth weather forecast: Bureau of Meteorology

Fremantle weather forecast: Bureau of Meteorology

Perth wind forecast, Fremantle tide forecast, live wind readings including FSC Fish Rocks: Seabreeze